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It's been said (by Bruce Townley, among others) that every state in the USA has a Springfield. This isn't true; 35 states have a Springfield or a close cousin; but the following states are Springfield-deficient:

Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota*, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.
*North Dakota does have a Springfield Township, but it's mostly an empty spot on the map.

(Data from searches on MapQuest)

To make up for this deficit, some states have more than one Springfield; the number if more than one is shown in parentheses in the map links below.

When I created this page, many years ago now, MapQuest listed 52 Springfields, five West Springfields, four East Springfields, four North Springfields, one South Springfield, one Springfield Crossroads, one Springfield Plantation, and one Springfield Gardens (not too far from me in Long Island, New York).

However, a recent general search at Mapquest revealed only a small number of Springfields, which seems rather strange. Accordingly, the numbers listed below may not agree with the current mapping data.

As of 2020, the US Postal Service list of the most common city and post office names within the Unites States includes 34 Springfields.

If you live in Springfield and would like to send a postcard to be featured on this page, please email me.

—Bill Burns

This map of the most efficient route between every Springfield in the United States is reproduced here by kind permission of Reddit user GreenMobius, who created it in 2019.

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for a map of Springfield

AL: Alabama (4)

AR: Arkansas

CA: California

CO: Colorado

View from So. Hill, Springfield, Colo (1940s)

(Springfield Crossroads)

FL: Florida (2)

Beautiful Springfield, The Waterworks, Jacksonville, Fla.

Residence Section
Beautiful Springfield, Jacksonville

GA: Georgia (3)

Effingham Co. Court House, Springfield, GA
L.L. Cook Co. Milwaukee

ID: Idaho (2)

Greetings from Springfield
Postmarked 1909

IL: Illinois

Springfield, Ill., From Dome of Capitol Building

Greetings from Springfield ILL.

IN: Indiana (2)
LA: Louisiana

KY: Kentucky

Main Street, Springfield, KY (1908)

Main Street, Springfield, KY (mailed 1937)

ME: Maine

The Maine House and Dining Room - The Bay
View House and Cabins, Springfield, Maine (c. 1941)

MD: Maryland (3)
MA: Massachusetts

The Metropolis of Western Massachusetts
Photo by Herb Wells

Postcard mailed by Joe Berman, 18 Sep 2010

Air View of Springfield, Mass.

Birdseye view of Hampden County Bridge
over Connecticut River, Springfield, Mass.

Central High School, Springfield, Mass.
Built in 1898, the building is now condominiums.
Postcard courtesy of René Rondeau, who attended Central High.

MI: Michigan (2)

MN: Minnesota

Birds Eye View Springfield Minn. (c. 1910)

Greetings from Springfield, Minn. (c. 1910)

MS: Mississippi
(Springfield Plantation)
MO: Missouri

"Queen City of the Ozarks"

Springfield is the business and cultural center of the southern Missouri Ozarks. The City has grown from a village of 300 in 1840 to almost one quarter million people, the third largest in the state. Five colleges and universities, six hospitals enhance community life. Recreational areas of the Ozarks are nearby; such as Silver Dollar City; Shepherd of the Hills Homestead, Table Rock Lake, Stockton Lake, Lake Taneycomo, and many more.

The University Plaza area and Southwest Missouri State University are visible in this aerial photo.

Postcard MO-846, photo by James Blank.
Jenkins Enterprises, North Little Rock, AR 501-945-2600.

Postcard mailed by Joe Berman, 11 Dec 2003

Rock Village Court, Springfield Missouri
N.E. Corner City - Jct U.S. Highways 66 And 166 At 65

NE: Nebraska

NH: New Hampshire

West Springfield, N.H.

NJ: New Jersey (2)

Morris Ave, Springfield N.J. (Union County)

NY: New York

Main St. Springfield Ctr. N.Y.

NC: North Carolina (3)

OH: Ohio

Springfield, Ohio. Main Street looking West (1908)

The city of Springfield is surrounded by Springfield Township.
Ohio has another Springfield Township near Akron,
founded in 1795 and still another near Cincinnati.

OR: Oregon

Springfield, Oregon [detail]

Springfield, Oregon

PA: Pennsylvania (2)

M.E. Church. West Springfield, PA.
Note: This is not near either of the Springfields in Pennsylvania

SC: South Carolina (2)

SD: South Dakota


Scene near Springfield, S. Dak. [1915]

TN: Tennessee

North Main Street, Springfield, Tenn. (1913)

Court House, Springfield, Tenn

TX: Texas (2)
VA: Virginia (4)

VT: Vermont

Main St. Looking North, Springfield VT (1955)

Main St. South, Springfield VT

WV: West Virginia

Springfield, W.VA. (1909)

WI: Wisconsin

Hotel at Springfield, Wis. (1910)

Springfield, USA

Sadly, the original Guide to Springfield site
at mapofspringfield.com is defunct (the link is to the 2004 version of the site at archive.org), but there is an interactive version (also archived as of 2024).

Springfield Subway Map

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